i'm stuck in          retrograde

f a b u l i s m | a u t o b i o

There's a looming staircase in the woods that brings memories to life for its travellers. At first it's great fun, but then they get trapped in a loop of traumatic memories, and find themselves far from home

debuted with shortbox comics fair 2023


WAL • STURZ whalefall


jade zhang hazel surtees charlotte howeihe

Sturz (noun) german: a sudden, severe fall; a catastrophic, damaging impact; colliding with the ground with a painful force

See also: a radical, often violent social change or political transition, the dethroning of an existing power

how to survive a haunting

The haunting of a family who becomes their own monsters

First published with the Ignatz award winning Shades of Fear anthology, 2022

ghost circus

A MG graphic novel filled to the brim with mystery and ghosts written by Adrienne Kress, illustrated by Jade Zhang.

To be published by Union Square & Co. (2025)

first sight

A short comic about a young girl's first crush. Two girls play make belief as a way of exploring queerness and surviving abuse.

self published, 2019

don't speak to
the fae

don't you ever

self published, 2022


Jade Zhang

Comics artist & illustrator

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